The deadly siege at the US Capitol is rooted in an ocean of anger and baseless conspiracy theories. And the vanishing of more than 2,000 newspapers across the country has led to a vacuum of trusted information and an epidemic of misinformation. News Matters explores the roots of dangerous misinformation, complicated by the slow destruction of the Fourth Estate. 

News Matters follows the desperate attempt by Colorado journalists to save the 125-year-old Denver Post from a slow death at the hands of hedge fund owner Alden Global Capital, while trying to cut through the noise of social media and opinion news outlets. Chuck Plunkett captures national attention when he leads a revolt against The Denver Post’s hedge fund owners, all while the newspaper industry crumbles and while journalists are being called the enemy of the people.

A tight group of dedicated journalists follow Plunkett out the door as they attempt a new sustainable model for trusted local news, The Colorado Sun. News Matters reflects on the chaos in America as a large segment of the population is threatened by misinformation, at a time when the need for quality robust local journalism is at an all time high.

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